How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook is the biggest social network with over 2 billion users, and for your business it is an amazing place to advertise. With various ad placements and different targeting audiences or even different devices you are advertising on, it‘s really easy to do mistakes. To avoid these mistakes and get best results on this advertising platform presenting to you complete Facebook ads guide.

Variety of Facebook Ads

First of all let’s look at ads placement on Facebook newsfeed. As you can see on desktop version there are two different locations, one on the sidebar and other in the center of newsfeed, while on the mobile app we only have one ads placement spot.

Facebook Ads Placement

Now let’s look at the variety of ads Facebook can offer.

You can post as an ad:

  • Video
  • Image
  • Carousel
  • Collection

As you can see there is only four types of different media you can post as an ad. By far most engaging ads are images, we will talk more about what type of image, what type of heading you should choose and many other tricks that will help you to optimize your Facebook ads, later.

Your objectives could be:

  • Reach
  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Post Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • Messages
  • Event Responses
  • Offer Claims
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversions
  • Product Catalogue Sales
  • Store Visits

Call to action:

  • Book Now
  • Order Now
  • Call Now
  • Shop Now
  • Sing Up
  • Learn More
  • Download
  • Send Message
  • Subscribe
  • Watch More
  • Apply Now
  • See Menu
  • Donate Now
  • Request Time

There are many possible combinations in Facebook ads, each one serve different goals. When you run into so many possibilities it is hard not to lose your mind, but if you know exactly what your intentions are Facebook offers you wide range of tools to optimize you ads. In the next segment we will explore audience targeting and later on how everything should work together.

Targeting Your Audience

You can always hear many business owners who complain about not making any money from their Facebook ads. They tell you that these advertisements are waste of money and that they never break even on their costs. That’s because majority of people who criticize the platform don’t know how to use it correctly. The main power of ads on Facebook is the ability to target users.


When creating audience you can target various demographics such as gender, age, education level, and even political interests.


As creating new audience you are choosing to what group of people your ads will be showing. It’s easy to target a very specific audience for example for flower shops it’s profitable to target men with girlfriends or wives before international women’s day, or for clothing shops to target specific age women for specific clothes collection.

For offline services providers or shops it’s useful to target people in the specific area, so customers be aware of your store.


Also the way to reach audience is to check their interests. People will click your fitness club ad more likely if you target people who show interest in fitness. This model can be applied to any niche you choose.

Other way to have successful ad campaign is to target your customer list. There are probably customers who have already bought form your store and loved it, all you have to do is to remind them about yourself and Facebook gives you the tools to do it.

Putting your Facebook Ad together

Before your first ad you should sit down and consider your advertisement goals, do you want to raise brand awareness, or get subscribers, or get app downloads, or sell products. Then consider to what audiences you going to show your ads to. Just imagine your typical customer, what age, what gender, what interests he has?

After you know your goals and your audience comes next step, it is to put your ad together. There are 4 main parts of good Facebook ad: headline, media (what you post, image, video, collection, catalogue), text, call to action button. So, now we will try to put all things together to get a perfect Facebook ad.


One of the most important elements of your ads are headlines. You really have to think it trough, without eye-catching headline people won’t engage your post and will just keep scrolling. There are several types of headlines for blog post, products, apps, services, etc. here we provide some examples:


Headline for product ad should offer some kind of deal for example:

  • Free shipping “Free Shipping and Returns on our Shop Today”
  • Shop before gone “Our best – selling shoes are available again. Shop before they are gone!”
  • Discounts “10% off limited time offer!”
  • Discount code “Enjoy 30% off with code: XXXXX”

Blog posts

Blog posts ad headlines don’t have to look like clickbait, but they have to grab the attention. Use following as inspiration:

  • List style “7 Ways to Make Money Online”
  • How to “How to Make Money Online”
  • Number Style “Make $1000 per Day Working Online”
  • Question Style “Do you Want to Make Money Online?”
  • Research Style “ We Found New Way to Make Money Online”
  • Command “Start Making Money Online Today”


For apps short meta-descriptions work best. Few ways you can introduce your app:

  • Catch attention “#1 Fish App in Florida, Catch more and Bigger Saltwater Fish”
  • Great deal “20 Million Songs for Free to Travel with You”
  • Describe your app value “Scyscanner Finds the Cheapest Flights!”


Image of the ad should be relevant to what you are promoting. You can whether put text on image or not, but if you are writing anything on the image be sure to display your message in as little symbols as possible. Just few big words, or discount percent works just fine. Just like in the example bellow.

Facebook Ad


Text segment should be longer than the headline, there you can give even more information about your product or service. People first see the headline and image, and if these two catch their eye know they are willing to learn more about what you are offering. This is the last stop before your future client is pressing call to action button. Be creative and try to fit in between 15-30 words.

Call to Action Button

It’s time to close the deal with call to action button. What button to choose comes from your initial goals, did you wanted more likes, more downloads, more people visiting your shop, more orders, etc. If you really thought this trough there are no questions what button to choose and you just finished creating your ad!

Budget Calculation for Your Facebook Ads Campaign

You have your audience, you have your goal, even the finished ad itself and now comes the most crucial step – budgeting your campaign. How much money you should put into your advertising campaign? It is hard to find scientific answer to this question since we have many different cases of ad campaigns.

If you are running awareness campaigns such as brand awareness, page likes, post engagement campaigns you are not selling anything right now, you just attracting audience. So the question remains how much revenue in the future will generate your audience.

For products, apps or traffic it is much easier to calculate your Facebook ads budget. All you have to do is to collect some data and calculate your ad campaign ROI (return of investment).

Simple way to calculate your campaign ROI is by formula:

ROI = (Sales growth – Campaign cost) / Campaign cost

For example you sell shoes for $50, and your profit margin is $25, so you make $25 from every purchase.  And you just spent $1000 on Facebook ads campaign, and got 100 new clients who all bought shoes. This means your ROI is:

ROI = (25 x 100 – 1000) / 1000 = 1.5 or 150%

So you got 150% profit from your campaign.

Of course this formula is oversimplified, but good for basic calculations. More complex formulas on calculating your ads campaigns result will be examined in the future posts.


Facebook ads marketing campaigns is a way to reach directly to customers who have interest in your products. With many filters and customization options this advertisement tool is really useful addition to your Internet marketing plan. To make your campaigns profitable you have to consider many forms, on how to present your ads to customers, but if you do your homework well be sure, you will get enormous profits.

Do you want your Facebook Ads campaigns be run by real professionals? Then contact us and get offer.

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