How to Advertise on Instagram

Instagram is the Blue Whale of the Internet image sharing platform. With over 1 billion users logging into social media network every single month and hundreds of millions of users logging every day. Also people tend to be more active on Instagram over the time, as users activity plummets in other social media sites as Facebook. So marketing on Instagram could be a powerful part of your overall Internet marketing plan if done correctly.

Know your audience

Number one step is crystal clear prospect of your client. There is no way to have a success at online marketing without first knowing exactly what is happening in your market. Many business make their marketing and advertising according to what they are attracted to, as opposed to what majority of their market is interested in. Don’t make this mistake and create a customer profile that is detailed as humanly possible about whom your perfect prospect is. This is when you will be able to create Instagram (and other social media) content that turn up the heat and give great advantage over your competition.

Know your competition

It is absolutely impossible to have any success on Instagram unless you have deep understanding what your competitors are doing right now that you have to do better. No matter what business you are starting there is usually several competitors already. As you are the new player you have huge advantage over those old business, you can analyze their tactics and take their inside information without them realizing that they are doing the heavy lifting for you when it comes to your Instagram Marketing.

You have the opportunity to take notes of content they are posting, what kind of content gets most engagement, at what frequency your competitors are posting. Spying on your competitors will give you tremendous insight into what they are doing successfully and what they are doing insufficiently so you can avoid those mistakes and have a competitive advantage.

Post consistent on Instagram

Each and single day every human being is bombarded with thousands and thousands advertisements on social media. There is so much “noise” out there that anyone could hardly pay attention in what we are encountering. So to reach out and connect with your clients on Instagram – you have to post effectively, consistently, and reliably. Do a post schedule so your market can come to expect new posts from you at a particular point in time. This kind of consistency on social media creates a real relationship and affinity with your market and your followers that just isn’t going to exist otherwise.

Instagram is just a part of your overall marketing plan

This last segment is just to remind you that Instagram marketing should be small but effective part of your overall marketing plan, that part that turns complete strangers into returning customers. Think of Instagram content as a headline that is designed primarily to capture the attention of your perfect prospect and then move them quickly deeper and deeper into your social media accounts, your marketing funnels, and eventually your shopping cart.

Just remember you won’t sell from your Instagram profile alone, it is just a part to build connections with you audience and even get more engagement on other social platforms, to increase strength of relationships with your clients.

And finally

Just be smart and success on Instagram will come to you. Do your homework, add a little thinking and soon you will be influencer with very powerful Instagram account. Simply know who you are selling to, arm yourself with inside information of your competitors and don’t forget that Instagram marketing is just a part of your big Internet marketing plan.

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