2 Social Media Marketing Strategies that Lead to Success

Your marketing strategy for social media is your action plan to reach your business goals. Reaching your business goals involves creating awareness of your company and boosting the number of fans you have on social networks. Ultimately, the activities you engage in on social media must contribute positively to your business’s bottom line. Your social media strategies will require you to take different steps to achieve your goals. In this post we’ll look at two social media marketing strategies that lead to success.

Strategy 1: Brand Awareness Strategy

Increasing your brand awareness requires a specific social media marketing strategy. This strategy will apply mostly to newer businesses who want to increase brand recognition through a strong social media following. To achieve strong brand awareness, you need to first choose your platform.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Platform

In order to increase brand awareness, you must make your brand stand out on the channels most relevant to your audience. Both Facebook and Instagram are well established platforms for increasing brand awareness with customers. To be established on Facebook, you must set-up a Facebook business page. For Twitter, you must select your Twitter handle. For Instagram, a business account must be selected for superior recognition and analytics.

Step 2: How to Make Yourself Known

Once you’ve chosen your platform, it’s important to start attracting fans and followers by getting your business name out there. Organic growth comes from the content you post on your social media platforms without any paid acquisition. This means that you attract followers through the value you create and give to customers.

Strategy 2: Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is a key goal for businesses. Social media strategies can be used to drive leads to your business, both online and in person.

Step 1: Pick your Platform

Picking the platform is key for lead generation. For business leads, it’s important to pick a platform where you know your customers are:

1.         LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the world’s largest platform for business professionals. These professionals are constantly looking for solutions to their business problems. For B2B type products and services, it’s important for your business to target on this platform.

2.         Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: These consumer facing platforms are key for business to reach individuals who are looking for retail products and services. For B2P type of services, your business should target on these platforms.

Step 2: Acquire Leads

Acquiring leads can best be done through advertising on these platforms. This means choosing the right audience, selecting your budget and starting to sell.

Wrap Up:

In this post, we covered 2 marketing strategies that will lead to your success on social media. The most important thing to know is the goal you are trying to achieve. Knowing this, you can work backwords to begin planning your campaign.

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